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ENGAGEMENT CELEBRATIONS – comfort food nights... 24 June 2008 in Engagement, Fitness, FOOD, Friends, Uncategorized

Had some friends over for dinner for a (mini) engagement celebration.. decided to make some Mushroom & Truffle Risotto with some asparagus and chicken thrown in for extra measure. It’s actually really easy to cook, just time consuming. The only downside was that I...

ENGAGEMENT CELEBRATIONS – burger and pizza nights... 23 June 2008 in Engagement, FOOD, Friends, Uncategorized

The first day I got back to work, my very very lovely girl friends sent me a big bunch of super colourful flowers! So delightful, thanks so much girls 🙂 They’re featuring front-and-center on my dining table and are lasting absolute ages – 2...

HAMILTON ISLAND @ WHITSUNDAYS – goodbye, farewell... 22 June 2008 in Chris, Engagement, HOLIDAYS, Uncategorized, Videos, Whitsundays

A little-known fact… Chris bought the ring back in Feb when he was getting it made, but obviously I didn’t know. Anyway, about a month or two ago, I was chatting with a girl friend about engagement rings and we were looking through the...