Hunter, HUNTER, CARTER & CHLOE, School MUMMY, WHAT’S A NERD? 1 October 2018

“Mummy?”, Hunter suddenly asked me one evening as we were winding down for bedtime. “What’s a nerd?”

Something about his voice made me stop. He often asks me what various words mean, but something seemed different. 

“A word to describe someone that’s really smart.” I said. “Why?”

He glanced at me, then replied “Someone called me that today, so I was wondering if they were being nice or not.”

So I explained. “Oh, usually people will call someone else a nerd, if that person is smarter than them, and they feel jealous. Kind of like a way for make themselves feel better.”

He seemed to accept that. Whew!

I thought this photo seemed appropriate, because this was during his school event/party.. where there were carnival games and prizes to win. I was manning a stall there, so I wasn’t paying attention to where Hunter was. 

When I finally looked around for him, he was nowhere to be found in the party area. I searched everywhere!! 

Then I opened one of the school room doors, and found him huddled in here, with a Primary 6 boy…. both doing that kid’s math homework. 

“Why are you here… doing….. MATH homework???? Everyone else is playing games outside! Come out!”, I said, a bit shocked. 

“Mmmm… nah. This is more fun. My friend is teaching me Primary 6 maths, we’re doing his homework together!”

I have to concede, my son IS a bit of a nerd.






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