Like many parents in Singapore, I frequently wonder if my children will survive learning Chinese in schools here. Hunter is in Primary One in local school, and local schools are notorious for having a huge emphasis on academics and grades.

Because we don’t speak Mandarin at home (and neither do my parents), my kids simply aren’t exposed to the language. I also can’t help Hunter out with his Primary One Chinese home work because… I can’t read the textbook or the instructions. And he’s only just started school! I’m a goner….

So one day after school, I was busy doing a DIY project (trying to figure out how to attach a wooden tissue box upside down underneath our dining table – yes, I do get up to crazy and weird things at home with the kids!!) and Hunter got side-tracked while helping me – as usual.

He started playing with these big strips of velcro I purchased for $2 for a bag at Daiso (described by my boys as “Mummy’s most favourite store ever”. They’re not wrong).

After a few moments, he made up a game called “Make Mummy Guess The Chinese Character”. Like so:

I was so amused that he arranged the large strips into a large “COW” word in Chinese. I mean, it’s a pretty ingenious way of playing with velcro right?!


This word is “MOUNTAIN“. But I realised afterwards it’s incorrect – the longer line on the left should be on the right (ie. mirror image). Whoops. Well, still an A+ for effort?


This one just makes me laugh. He made up all these poses and words, based on what he’s been learning at school. This word is “GO“.

So if you’re in Daiso, have a look for these velcro strips. They kept Hunter occupied for about an hour, as he made up quite a few Chinese words and ‘tested’ me. I reckon it’s an awesome way for kids to be creative, learn Chinese, and have a lot of fun in the process.

Me? I’m just glad Hunter discovered a way to make a game out of nothing!


And this is Hunter reading a tongue twister of Chinese.. something to do with the number 4 and 10 sounding super similar in the language. His reaction at the end of it though…. ?



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