Chloe, Chloe's progress, HUNTER, CARTER & CHLOE CHLOE’S FIRST SWIM 26 February 2018

We didn’t mean to leave it to so late before taking Chloe on her first swim.. but between juggling 3 kids and especially with Hunter’s new primary school schedule, we simply didn’t quite seem to find the time! #lifehappens, eh?

She’d been eagerly eyeballing her brothers whenever they went swimming, and she was forced to sit on my lap and watch, arms flapping away. And we were pretty sure she’d love it, as she’s a major action freak and loves her bath time.

So finally, we bit the bullet and popped her in!


I thought she’d be a bit shocked and cry, once she was submerged in the pool water. But NOPE, she loved it. Like a lil fish, she simply plopped into the water, kicked furiously, and…. off she went!


This video above just makes me LOL. She looks like a baby shark, so determined and so fierce, kicking and splashing with all her might!


FIERCE. Swimming pool, you ain’t no match for Baby Shark!

I’ve finally managed to get the knack of bringing 3 kids down for a swim by myself… so I’m looking forward to dumping all my water babies in there whenever we have a bit of free time!





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