Chloe, Chloe's progress, HUNTER, CARTER & CHLOE CHLOE: 2 MONTHS OLD 2 September 2017


Chloe is 2 months old!

I’ve always remembered “two months old” to be the time of….. The Awakening.

And, not surprisingly, Chloe was the same as the two boys. She woke up! From a sleepy baby that didn’t really look at anything or do anything… to a way more alert baby. In more ways than one.



She’s filled out a whole lot, and is looking like a proper newborn now. She’s now 4.4kg, up from her 3.1kg birth weight. Amusingly, she’s around Hunter’s birth weight, despite being 2 months old!

She flips from belly-to-back really easily and quickly now, so she needs to be watched all the time if she’s awake. Her neck/head control is really strong, mostly due to her constant desire for tummy time. This kid does not like being on her back – at all!!

We are currently in the midst of a Jaundice scare. She still looks pretty jaundiced at two months, which the PD said was unusual. This meant she had to undergo an (awful) blood test to draw 2 vials of blood, and it was detected to have elevated bilirubin levels. Her PD will be seeing her again in a month, and if she’s still not improving then a lot more tests will ensue.. potentially a liver biopsy 🙁 So praying hard she will improve over the next few weeks 🙁



This milk monster is still fully breastfed via direct latching. On the upside, it’s easy, free and best for her. On the downside, she can’t quite keep up with my fast letdown and so chokes and splutters at just about every feed. Still waiting for her to grow bigger so she can cope. All 3 of my poor kids have to cope with my crazy boobs!

She’s really gassy, though, and we suspect has a bit of Reflux. Nothing too dramatic, but some nights she will grunt and kick around at 3am in the morning (argh).



She still sleeps most of the day, in no particular schedule. But when she’s awake she has these delightful periods of awareness where she’s checking out the world and eagerly trying to interact with us. It’s so precious because it’s perhaps for only two hours, tops, each day!

Night time sleeps are just…. WEIRD.

When she hit about 6 weeks old, she suddenly decided to “sleep through the night”. This meant she would go for around 6-7 hours without needing to nurse. Sounds good right? Only in theory. The reality was that I’d be bursting and overflowing during the night anyway, which means I can’t actually sleep myself.

I’ve tried to wake her up to stuff a boob in, but it just makes her yell and fuss and arch her back away from me.. and worst case scenario is that we ‘fight’ so much in my attempt to get her to nurse that she ends up WIDE awake. Argh.

So, no. I should be appreciating this sleeping through the night concept, but it’s lost on me because *I* am not sleeping through the night.



My grouchy baby. She is, BY FAR, the most high-needs high-attention baby we have had. BY FAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

I said this when she was one month old, and Chris frowned and told me that I shouldn’t say that. Well, fast forward to two months old, and one day Chris said “erm… I think she is the fussiest baby we’ve had”. HAH!

She is alarmingly, obviously FUSSY. While her two brothers would always chill by themselves and be happy by themselves, she cannot even. She MUST have attention – AT ALL TIMES. Not just any attention, but attention according to HER standards. Usually that means undivided attention and carrying her looking over your shoulder. But her requirements change frequently, so we are all left cycling through every carrying position in swift succession until we find the one she’s after – then she shuts up immediately.

OMG otherwise it’s Fuss Town x10000000.

And the whole Witching Hour concept? Didn’t quite have it with my boys, but we certainly have it with Chloe! She’s been known to fuss from 6pm allll the way to 11pm on bad days. That means strapped to either Chris or I, with us pacing up and down the living room. Because she OWNS us, and she knows it.

I swear this is a girl thing – the constant fuss, the constant need for attention. My boys were not like this! It’s doing my head in…



On the bright side, she’s trying to smile! It sure feels like after she drives us craaazy with her fussing, she conjures up a cute ‘lil smile to make sure we don’t chuck her out. Thanks for tossing us a bone every now and then, sweetheart!


One of the cutest stages in newborn development IMHO…. those first I’m-learning-to-smile and baby yawns! Kind of makes up for all the poop and crying, huh. Almost.



Chloe’s vision at 2 months old is way better than at 1 month old. She can see pretty far now, but prefers looking at people’s faces than objects. The really rewarding part is that she recognises our faces. Or rather, she knows who to bug all day long haha.


Little gurgles between Chloe and her Daddy. So it’s true what they say about lil girls having their daddies tied around their little finger…………………



I love her chubby cheeks, her (developing) fat rolls on her thighs and arms, and all the things I took for granted with my – my chubbier – boys. Best part is that she’s a lot sturdier too, so it’s not as scary carrying her.

We took her to the beach last weekend and she loved chilling on the deck chair and soaking in the ocean breeze!



This real life baby doll has her older brothers fascinated, and they adore her. Can’t say the feeling is mutual 😛



The Princess and her royal bodyguards. Check out the royal wave there!



Ahhh my little miss Chloe. You drive me nuts with your fussing and inability to tell me what the hell you want!, yet I can’t help but love you. You’re so cute to me, and I live for your smiles. And I know many years from now, I’ll look back on this newborn phase and miss it. I’ll miss how sweet you smell. I’ll miss your little gurgles in your high little voice. I’ll miss your wide eyes looking for ONLY me. I’ll miss so much of your newborn baby-ness… so for now, I’ll enjoy you – both the fussing and the smiles 😉


Oh how they grow!
Oh how they grow!





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