Eurotrip, HOLIDAYS, Switzerland SWITZERLAND: going up Mount Rigi mountain 12 August 2015


It’s pretty glorious being on top of the world!

Or rather, on top of a mountain in Switzerland..



We drove to the bottom of Mount Rigi, and parked our car there. Then, we got on a toy-looking bright red train to go half-way up the mountain.

As expected, the boys were thrilled and loved the experience!



The beautiful scenery was we sped up the mountain. Is this for real? Do people really just have a stand alone house like this, on the side of the mountain? What a life! Clean mountain air and chilled mountain water… I’d live forever.



Taking in the view of the train up high on the mountain. Magical!



What a view. It was a hot day, but the scenery was worth it!



One more of the stunning scenery that Switzerland has.




Then we took a very, very steep cable car up to the top.. *gulp*



On top of Switzerland, and it feels like I’m on top of the world… surrounded by summer flowers and bright blue skies!



The kids discovered dandelions. Cue dandelion-blowing frenzy. Actually you’re not advised to pick the wildflowers here, so errrmmm… I’m not condoning this activity



One of my favourite shots of the kids, ever. They were very obliging for the camera, and I love how the scenery looks like a Windows desktop background!


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