Eurotrip, HOLIDAYS, Switzerland SWITZERLAND: Strandbad Tiefenbrunnen, where the park meets the lake 22 July 2015


Strandbad Tiefenbrunnen was one of the most stunning places that we saw in Switzerland, albeit with an incredibly difficult to pronounce name!

Look at that gorgeous sight we were greeted with when we got there…



Despite it being high season and in the middle of the heat wave, it was still a really nice place to visit. Switzerland is still really pleasant when it’s crowded, because the Swiss aren’t loud, don’t push and shove, and are exceedingly polite and mindful of their behaviour. It makes hanging out in popular places a bit of a dream!



The day was sunny and the skies were bright blue – absolutely perfect for a swim and picnic. And, yep, the boys went down that big silver slide!


The water was only 17 celcius, startlingly cold considering the warm day. Yet, Carter insisted on going down over and over again – he loved it.



Beautiful circular pool, overlooking Lake Zurich and the Swiss mountains.



And guess what? We were lucky enough that a family of swans (and their cygnets) came swimming right up to us.. Hunter was both excited and terrified to be swimming with the swans 😉



There’s also a kids area for the little ones, with ankle-deep water.



We had a little picnic with our friends – SIX boys in total! It was actually relatively calm, which was surprising. I suppose the kids were pretty tuckered out after all that swimming.



Kicking up our feet and relaxing in the sunshine.



Trying to shoot a photo of the beautiful sky, and photobombed by this cheeky monkey.

Strandbad Tiefenbrunnen is pretty much the go-to place for both Swiss locals and tourists, and I can see why. It’s huge, extremely clean and well kept (so typical of Switzerland), and is tons of fun especially for families. We stayed there for hours and could have easily spent the whole day lounging there!


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