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Potato Head Folk

Potato Head Folk is pretty close to where we live, and I’d heard so much about it, but only got the chance to check it out very recently. It’s nestled in a the cramped Keong Saik Road area, which is full of trendy cafes as well as old-school eateries. I love the area for that 🙂


Potato Head Folk

Don’t attempt to dine here if you have a pram, or if you have weak knees. You ain’t gonna make it. The cramped restaurant is split over 4 levels, so be prepared to climb up those stairs!

The levels are:

1st – Three Buns Kitchen

2nd – Three Buns Dining Kitchen

3rd – Studio1939 Lounge (where we sat, see first photo)

4th – The Rooftop Garden

I really enjoyed the ambience of the Studio1939 Lounge, where we sat. With plush leather sofas and a moody vibe, it was relaxed but cool. Wonderful for downing a couple of cocktails.


Potato Head Folk

But, onto to the burgers! I’ll be frank, at their astronomical price, I’d expected a larger one. These are fairly petite, and come with ZERO sides (you have to pay more for those).

The above one is their Smokin’ B-Boy (S$28). For that staggering price, you get a 150g beef patty, double smoked cheese, Dingley Dell beer & treacle cured bacon, BBQ ketchup, smoky mayo & crisp onions in a demi brioche bun.

It’s nice, but all I kept thinking about was how overpriced this was.


Potato Head Folk

The Baby Huey Burger ($20.00) also came with the same size 150g beef patty, plus cheese, lettuce, pickles, spiced mayo and their house T.O.M Sauce. This was cheaper than the one above, so in a way, better value. However, I would have pegged it as a $12-13 burger. Again, zero sides.


Potato Head Folk

Potato Head Folk are pretty clever. They know no one will eat just a burger, so why include sides with it? Why not put sides on a separate area that diners have to PAY extra for? They’re shrewd, I’ll give them that.

And so now we have a small size paper bag of House Fries ($5) and a small half-filled pot of LL Kool Slaw ($5). Ta da! Instant way to add $10++ to your bill, per person!

Fries were entirely average and kind of dry. Coleslaw was overly sweet and came out at room temperature.

As for service? I’d describe it as………. tolerant. Not friendly, not warm, but… they tolerated you being there, with a tight tolerant smile and a tolerant nod when we asked for plain water.

Potato Head Folk would be a great place for after-work cocktails (though mind the price, they’re about $25 a pop!), and a funky place to hang out with friends thanks to it’s cool vibe. It’s worth a visit if you’re fine with paying more for ambiance than you are for food quality or quantity. But, for us, we’re likely to give it a miss 🙂





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