FOOD, Food reviews, Food reviews - Singapore FOOD REVIEW: Montana Brew Bar @ POMO 30 May 2015

Montana Brew Bar @ POMO

So I heard that the new-ish Montana Brew Bar at POMO had waffles and so I was there before you could say the word GREEDY.


Don’t blame me. It’s not like I could resist. And neither will you once you see what kind of waffles they have to offer…..


Montana Brew Bar @ POMO

Montana Brew Bar is, first and foremost, a coffee cafe. They take their brew very seriously. It’s a bit of an artform, choosing your brew and beans (from Common Man Coffee Roasters) and such.


I’m no coffee connoisseur nor do I profess to be one. All I know is that I enjoy a good cup of coffee, without needing to wax lyrical about the acidity and crema and blends and so forth.


Montana Brew Bar @ POMO

So I did the boring thing and just asked for a Flat white ($4.50) with “the beans that you reckon are best for a normal coffee drinker”.

As it turns out, I thoroughly enjoyed my coffee. No sugar required!


Montana Brew Bar @ POMO

Their menu is surprisingly extensive considering the size (ie. teeny) of this place. But it’s the waffles that they are famous for, and so it’s waffles that I ordered.


Montana Brew Bar @ POMO

BAM. THE ULTIMATE Truffle Jalapeno Mac & Cheese ($12.50).

This is now $12.50, when it cost $9.50 mere weeks ago. Shame about the price hike.

It’s a kickass waffle, though. You won’t find anything else like this in town. The crispy waffle has mac & cheese sandwiched inside the batter, resulting in a chewy and gooey interior, spiked through with truffle oil. I’d love to see more mozzarella cheese to give that photo-worthy (and on so tasty!) ooze when the waffle is cut open.

The carb-sensation is beautifully paired with the kick of jalapeno sauce, served on the side. It’s very piquant, very salty, and very spicy – so go easy! A small dot was all I needed to really give a kick of taste to the waffle.

I thought the mac and cheese and waffle combo would be really heavy, but surprisingly, I finished off the whole waffle quickly and easily. So they’re doing something right.

I was dead keen on checking out their Red Velvet Waffle, but simply couldn’t stuff another waffle into my belly! Next time..


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