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Achievement unlocked

Avert your eyes and click away if you don’t to hear drivel about pee and poo and children. This post is nothing but. Bodily functions take on a whole new meaning when you become a parent, and I honestly never thought I’d be so interested in discussing it, but I do, with mummy friends.

This post is for my reference, so it’s more factual than it is a lovely little story. I’m also not including in tips and tricks for potty training or things like that because A) I don’t like people comparing their kids against mine, and B) there are tons of online articles on that by experts, which I am not (I only have a sample size of two, better not pretend I know things!).



Daytime toilet trained: 10 months old (for poo), 2 years 4 months (for pee)

Nighttime toilet trained: 3 years 11 months old

Hunter was daytime toilet trained at a really young age, especially for a boy, because he was (and is!) such a clean freak. At 10 months old, he simply decided that poop in his diaper was a horrific idea, and would hold it in until changing time. He loved using the potty because it was minimal mess. Pee training came later (diapers hold pee so well he didn’t feel ‘dirty’, so didn’t mind it), when he told me he wanted to wear big boy underwear. He had lots of accidents as I felt he was a bit young/underdeveloped to do it, so he would tell me he’d need to pee and do it 2 seconds later – argh! Thus I was one of those parents that whipped out a plastic bag and let my son pee in it in full view, anywhere. Sorry to everyone that had to witness it – it was how we survived especially when I was out with him and a very young baby Carter.

Nighttime toilet training came… well…. when we entered 2015. This one was initiated by Chris and I. We wake him up at 2AM (zzzz) to do a pee, then pop him back into bed. He was delighted to wake up dry! Yay Hunter!



Daytime toilet trained: 2 years 4 months (for pee and poo)

Nighttime toilet trained: 2 years 5 months

Carter was later than hunter for daytime toilet training, and about average for a girl his age (I think). It kicked off because, one day, he simply REFUSED to wear his diaper during the day, and never did from that day on. We would have biiigggggg meltdowns every morning, with me trying to cajole him into wearing a diaper. The closest I got was him wearing a diaper, with underwear on top – HAHA! What made Carter different from Hunter was that he had virtually ZERO accidents. He somehow can hold in his pee… for a really long time, even if he’s desperate to go. He can wait up to about 20mins with a full bladder, and will actively tell someone or search for a toilet. It’s great for us, because we don’t have to remind/ask him if he needs go to to the bathroom, he simply tells us when he needs to.

To our amazement, Carter decided go nighttime toilet train himself alongside Hunter. When we wake Hunter up in the middle of the night to pee, Carter wakes up and insists to do his pee too (and he does a massive one). Then he goes back to bed and wakes up in the morning dry. I guess the desire to be a big boy like his older brother is strong enough to make a kid potty train himself?!


I personally am SUPER HAPPY to have lots and lots of spare cash now that we don’t have to buy diapers 😉 Those things are expensive! Unfortunately, I bought a 5 big bags of them recently….. I guess this is a good problem?

So 2015 marks our diaper free year, FOR EVER!!!!  *happy tears*


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