Events The life cycle of LEGO in our home 25 July 2014


Carter got a little treat to the LEGO office recently! It was his turn, as previously it was Hunter that got to visit.

He totally loved the office! At first, he was a bit bewildered by the millions of LEGO bricks sitting right there at the lobby area. He looked around cautiously, not sure if it was okay to touch. Upon glancing at me and getting the mum-says-it’s-okay nod, he scampered over and dug his hand through the bricks, going “WOWWWWW!!!!!!!” the whole time. He’d never seen so many LEGO bricks in his life!

When it was time to leave, we discovered a few pieces of LEGO bricks stealthily hidden in the stroller. I asked Carter what they were doing there, but all I got were innocent-eyes.

But the most exciting part of our visit was that we got a biiiig box of LEGO to bring home to play with! Both kids went pretty damn nutty over it, begging and pleading with me for days until the weekend rocked round and we could open it together with Daddy around too (Daddy was just as excited. Just sayin’).

So here’s the article I wrote!

The life cycle of LEGO in our home


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