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It’s literally across the country for us, but we just had to visit the Kranji Countryside Farmer’s Market, held last month at D’Kranji Farm Resort. This is their first ever market, and judging by how it was HUGELY POPULAR, they are planning subsequent ones.

The market’s premise is simple – to enjoy one of Singapore’s remaining vestiges of farming and greenery and support the movement toward food security and sustainability. This translates into stalls that offer locally grown produce and food, amidst a very chill, laid back environment. It is not a farm farm, like what our kids thought, as it doesn’t involve checking out live farm animals (though there is a big tractor that the kids loved!).



A very friendly stall owner was selling quails eggs and crocodile-on-skewers and frogs-legs-on-skewers. It was a bit too exotic for me, but was a hit among the visitors there!



The home-grown produce on offer was pretty incredible. The selection was wide and all the vegetables look plump, green, and fresh. Naturally, people were going a bit bonkers grabbing them to buy.



I was particularly drawn to this pottery stall, and a stall that made homemade fabric eco-bags. They look delightful!



There was a pottery station, and an old school games station for kids to play with. However, it was pretty crowded since it was over a weekend, and I didn’t fancy my toddlers getting pushed and shoved by the older kids, so I didn’t let them try it out.

Speaking of which, it wasn’t very kid-friendly at all, due to the crowds. Most had to park far far away and walk in (and it was a terribly hot weekend), the whole area was stinking hot, and there were a lot of people – most of whom seemed devoid of manners and pushed and shoved. I guess the heat drains good graces out of people…



This Mofo Chili spicy corn cup was freakin’ fantastic! The corn nibblets were mixed in salted butter and a teaspoon of their Mofo Chili, and BOY, it packed a real punch! It was spicy to the max, but so tasty.



Juices and brews, all look so gorgeous. We got some freshly pressed juices which were delicious.



Loads of jars of jams, sauces, nut butters, etc. They were all really pricey, as they are all homemade. I got a packet of milo granola for the kids, which was a hit!



I also bought a loaf of banana bread. It was lovely and moist, albeit a little sweet. From memory, it was about $12 for a small loaf. I can make the same for about $2 worth of ingredients 😉



The kids shared a biscuit without fighting over it – EPIC!! We had a mini picnic at the benches there, as everyone was just so h-o-t that we needed to cool off in a bit of shade.



Checking out the fish in the pond – there were a ton there!



Four little ducklings in a row, all being sweet to each other. It was cuteness overload 🙂



They were playing music, so the kids took it upon themselves to jump on stage and shake their booty!


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