FOOD, My recipes MY RECIPE BOX: Homecooked pork chops with red wine and garlic reduction 27 June 2014


Decided to make the Pork Chops with Red Wine and Garlic Reduction again.

It was a rather random whim, so it was served with some pasta-and-butter, and roasted veggies (pumpkin and asparagus). But, it made for a pretty good, and healthy, meal! The kids also gobbled it all up, and the next day, I used the leftover pork chops and sliced them up to make into a tomato-cream pasta for them, with those roasted veggies mushed up into the pasta sauce.

What I like most about these pork chops is the garlic. It’s SUBLIME. It sits simmering in the pan for awhile, so the garlic cloves become all soft and squishy, with the most gorgeous aroma. I eat one clove per mouthful of pork, so I turn into a bit of a garlic breath afterwards 😛


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