Birthdays, HUNTER, CARTER & CHLOE, Parties, Playdates A 21-MONTH OLD DAREDEVIL 20 May 2014


Sometimes I wonder where Carter got his daredevil streak from. Neither Chris nor I are particularly gung-ho, and whilst we do encourage rough-and-tumble behaviour (we DO have boys, after all!), it’s not like we’re throwing ’em off cliffs or anything.

But Carter, how he loooooves the adrenalin rush!

He amazes people when he careens down big slides by himself, and a good ‘ol massive push on the swing has him screaming with laughter.

But he kinda out did himself the other day, whilst we were at one of their friend’s pool-side birthday party.

He saw the big kids go down a big (and very fast) water slide. And before I knew it, he announced to me “Carter. Slide. Wheeeeee!!” and jumped in!

I was in shock, especially because I knew the slide ended in the deep end, and there was no one down there to catch him.

“CHRISSSSSSS!!!!!!!”, I screamed, “He’s coming down!!!!”

And Chris, fully clothed, leaped straight into the pool to fish out our son, who had shot out of the water slide like a bullet, straight into the deep end. It certainly brought some unexpected excitement to the party!

What did Carter say after all that ruckus?



Hunter did go down too, but safely seated on Chris’ lap 😉


They had a grand ‘ol time with their friends, and were SO happy! They nibbled on lots of party food, and gobbled down chocolate birthday cake.


One of my all-time favourite pic of my kids. Completely candid and impromptu. They were just sitting there watching the magic show, and Hunter reached over and put his arm around Carter. Carter schooched a little closer to his brother so they could sit together like this for most of the magic show.

My heart melted.



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