Events BEAUTY-CLEANSE JUICE DETOX: Day 2 9 April 2014

Day 2 of Beauty Cleanse detox is in the BAG, baby!

I step on the scales this morning, and am delighted that I am almost 1 kg lighter. I’m lightheaded with glee, then I realise it’s just all the poo that has come out yesterday, coupled with the fact that I didn’t eat yesterday. On the plus side, I’m pretty certain I’ll drop more weight by the end of this juice cleanse. On the down side, they told me that it’s temporary, as if I go back to my super-high-calorie lifestyle afterwards, I’ll just end up back at square one.

Still, it’s exciting seeing the scales record a weight loss, and my belly is flatter than normal!!

But how do I feel?

I expected to wake up going OMG I AM HUNGRY AND I’M GONNA EAT EVERYTHING IN THE FRIDGE RIGHT NOW. Very oddly, I woke up feeling like I do every day – just normal. I won’t lie, I did feel that weird non-hungry hunger (that I talked about yesterday) by lunchtime. Wasn’t major, I could sit at the table and feed the kids their lunch without gobbling it all down myself. Oh, and I also did grocery shopping in the morning without ripping open the food and gobbling it all down 😉

Feeding the kids their dinner also wasn’t a problem, though the smell of freshly cooked white rice did make my head go a little loopy. Then again, it always does, detox or not. What can I say? I’m a white rice addict.

Unanticipated observation – Hunter is now in on the juice action. Both kids now are all eager beaver when I crack open a new bottle, keen to see which colour it is. And they get their own little glass of juice each. It’s fine, because it’s all fresh juice and veggies and safe for kids (plus they don’t have much), but it’s all coming out of MY juices and precious calories! Get your own juices, guys!!



Popped the kids into bed, then hit the gym this evening. I was just too bored! It felt awesome getting moving, but then my stomach growled afterwards – I guess the exercise made my body realise it wants FOOD 😉


Thankfully, I’m lying in bed now (curled watching Breaking Bad and typing this up!) and having my Nut Milk, the last bottle of the day.

So I’ve survived Day #2.

Though I have a creeping little feeling that tomorrow, Day #3, is going to be freaking hard as hunger rears it’s head at me. EEEEKKK!!!!!


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