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Boasting the honour of being Singapore’s largest outdoor mall playground, I was eagerly waiting for Westgate’s Wonderland to open, especially since we live so closeby.

Built like a fantasy garden, it spans 11,000 sq ft and includes a 10m high tree house that kids can climb up, as well as a water play area.

Oh. Yeah. And it’s FREE.

Impressed? I really was when we visited!

There is so so so much to do, like this rock climbing wall for the biger kidsg:



Hunter took a liking to  these hanging monkey bars:



There’s a cute see-saw and lots of young kid-friendly stuff, especially in the toddler area:



And…. climbing! TONS of climbing and an awesome way for kids to burn some energy. I was pretty amazed when Hunter climbed as well – it took a bit of convincing but once he got started, he couldn’t stop!

WestgateWonderland05 WestgateWonderland06 WestgateWonderland07


Awesome slides around the area as well:



An excellent area – water play section for the kids after they’re all hot and sweaty from jumping around:

WestgateWonderland09 WestgateWonderland10


Hunter, my dear boy, was probably more interested in standing at the edge of the playground and staring at the train station opposite…….. He LOVED watching the MRT trains come and go!



Westgate’s Wonderland is perfect for kids young and old. It is AMAZING what you can do there, for free!

So here’s the thing: you may as well go stab yourself in the eye if you plan to go on a weekend. It’s horrific. We walked past and there was this huge snaking queue. Gobsmacked, Chris asked the security guard “What is this queue for?”

“Wonderland”, said the security guard. “It’s like this every weekend”. 

*face palm*

Can you imagine being stuck in the queue, with kids, for an hour? And once you’re in there, the place is SO PACKED that the kids are going to be pushing and shoving with the other kids there (and not all of them are well-mannered and know their “please”, “thank you” and “sorry”).

I’d avoid Westgate Wonderland at all costs on a weekend. But on a weekday morning? Brilliant!


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