My friend has one of them fancy cameras, which I’m forever envious about because the kids always look so much nicer in the photos, and so do the adults. In fact, I swear I look thinner and have nicer skin in them! Maybe it’s the camera, maybe he sneakily Photoshops the pics. Whatever the case, I still always love the photos. He took photos of the kids in their Le Petit Society digs the other day! I love their sunshine-yellow star singlets, and how versatile+comfy the convertible cargo shorts are (the kids wear them so frequently that I wish I’d gotten them in all the other colours too! Importantly, they go OVER the knee, very important for my kids that always trip).

My two cherubs (when they’re not busy being little devils)


This face. I know it’s up to no good..


Aren’t these two adorable together! Plus, she’s dressed in my fave colours πŸ˜€


Being cheeky


Just classic Hunter. Content with his toy trains and cars.

So there’s a 15% discount store-wide code AND a USD$50 voucher giveaway over yonder. Ends in a couple of days! Ten thousand more photos of lots of kids in Le Petit Society clothes… it was party time for them, and madness time for us mummies. What else is new? πŸ˜‰

And here’s a little video of FOUR kiddos, dressed in Le Petit Society, tottering all around and creating chaos on the sidewalk. Hey, at least they were kept occupied for a good 20 minutes πŸ˜‰


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