LOVE, Romantic dates OUR VERY FIRST DATE…. 15 August 2013

…. sans kids!


Crazy to think it’s our very first date since having two kids. We don’t have the luxury of a maid (nor would we ever have her mind our kids anyway), and I don’t want to leave both kids with my parents for an entire day – let’s just say that if you have 2 very young kids, you’ll know how tough it is to have them for a whole day. Not to mention my attention to detail and need to know exactly what is going on in their lives on an hourly basis.

But, we managed to coordinate Carter with my parents (he’s tougher to handle because of his frequent feedings, and the fact that he’s super attached to my Dad), and Hunter with my FIL (whom Hunter fell in love with straight-off anyway, so we knew he wouldn’t act up! Errr.. at least we hoped he wouldn’t).


I kept having panic attacks through the day, thinking I’d forgotten about them or left them behind somewhere!!

I was also soooooo nervous and worried about both kids, I couldn’t really stop thinking about them. So YES our date was a success because we had such a wonderful time doing date-y things together (you really do  need couple-time after you have kids. It’s just a must, you know?), but it was also a failure because we didn’t manage to go through it without mentioning our kids or missing them.

That said, SUPER PROPS to Chris for digging in his heels and insisting we have a date day! He had a tough job convincing me because I was supppperrrr reluctant to, so I admire his tenacity in getting us alone for the whole day 😛


Decided to wear my most child un-friendly outfit – white silk top and birkin. Heh!


We kicked off with brunch at Symmetry, one of my all-time fave cafes. We picked this because it’s pretty child un-friendly.. with little knick knacks lying around (at kiddy-reaching height), and a cramped space. Granted I have come here many times before with both kids in tow, but it’s always tough!

But this time, I really wanted to sit down and concentrate on my food, and be able to sit and talk to my brunch companion without having roving eyes in the back of my head, and periodically having to yell out “No! Keep still!” mid-conversation like a nut job.

And we did it!

We had a decent, proper meal together.

It was wonderful.

Inside Symmetry


Their truly epic Iced peppermint mocha. Such bliss.


Big ‘ol tub of truffle fries ($14). You know we can’t seem to eat anywhere without having fries, right 😉


Terrible photo, but kickass meals. Eggs Benedict ($20), Pork collar croissant with caramelized onion and hickory sauce ($19)


Couple selfie 🙂


After that, to kill some time, we took a walk down Haji Lane. One of my favourite areas, because I love the little unique pokey boutiques lined up and down the lane.

Hanging out at Haji Lane


Stealing gold bricks. As you do.


After that, we popped on over to Holland Village for a kickass foot and back massage at Sole Relax. I loved it. Will be going back for sure!

University students were offering car washes for charity. So we got the car washed, yay!


At the Sole Relax spa, about to get our foot and back massage


After a luscious one-hour massage, we staggered back to the car and drove over to the cinema. We watched The Wolverine!

We sat there griping like old fogies that it was “too loud”.

Then laughed at how old fogie-ish we were being.

It was awesome 🙂

Dirty scraggly ‘ol Wolverine… yet somehow so sexy.


We got home just in time to feed the kids dinner and pop them to bed. And just like that, our date-day was over!

Frankly, the part that I enjoyed the most was knowing how much Chris persisted with the idea of going out on a date-day… talking to our parents to make it happen, and really really pushing for it.. because the whole time I was so iffy about the idea. It was really nice to have a guy (OK, he’s my husband, but still!) try SO very hard to get you out on a date, and to feel so wanted.

Thank you honey for the lovely day. I love you 🙂


Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

I totally know what u mean by wondering if you have forgotten bout the kids or left them somewhere. It’s crazy, unexplainable but ohhh so true!

Very nice Copley selfie pic. But how do youngest rid off ‘pip’ & replaced w return?

Awwww sounds like it was a lovely day, and a well-deserved break for you too! I’m looking forward to the day I can do this too hahaha 🙂