What, you mean I have to care about Teachers Day now?


Hunter will be celebrating hisย first Teachers Day next week!

And we’re soooo excited!

By “we’re”, I mean “I am”. Because I have no idea if he has any concept of what this occasion is ๐Ÿ˜‰ All he knows is that his teachers will be receiving “a present from Hunter”…. so maybe he thinks it’s their birthday??

I had NO idea what to do for gifts, as I am super un-creative. And so I turned to the wise ‘ol Internet. Ta daaaa! Found this idea on a couple of DIY blogs, to makeย customised tea bags.

The idea is simply to

  1. buy tea bags
  2. print out cute teaching-related quotes
  3. whack em onto the tea bag labels.


It sounds pretty easy and it IS pretty easy. Whew.

So I got Hunter to help take out the tea bags out of their wrappers (they were all individually wrapped, d’oh), and he ‘helped’ craft a few… though I kinda had to chuck those out cos he dragged them all over the floor and globs of glue fell onto the tea bag itself – I wasn’t sure if the teachers would appreciate glue-spiked tea!!

Hunter, busy at work


When that was done, I popped them into little plastic boxes ($2 for 2 boxes, at good ‘ol Daiso), which fit about 8-10 tea bags.

Then I decorated them! Just with permanent marker pens, some stickers, and washi tape. Originally I was going to get some glitter and write on the boxes with glue, then get Hunter to sprinkle glitter on it. But then I decided what I did below was faster and easier ๐Ÿ˜‰

DIY-ing in progress…


DIY box filled with tea bags. HAPPY TEACHERS DAY!


So ta daaaa! Cute little boxes of tea bags – a nice and practical gift, especially since teachers can keep the box of knick knacks after they’ve consumed the tea.

Anyone have cool ideasย for Teachers Day gifts that areย easyย (key word here! I am no creative maven now do I have a ton of time to craft stuff), for me to shelve away for future years? Preferably something that the kids can craft as well.

So far I have one, stolen off my girl friend Missustay:

  1. Buy 2x movie tickets and 1x popcorn voucher for each teacher – OK this is zero craft required, but the kid can decorate the outside of the envelope, and it gets points for no effort!! I will resort to this if I’m ever in a pinch ๐Ÿ˜›


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Letโ€™s Chat!

Let's Chat!

Bev, Im am soooo stealing this, haha! Seriously cute. But I will have to find out when teacher’s day is here…great idea! xo

Aww thanks hon. I still can’t actually THINK of these ideas myself… so i’m just executing someone else’s idea. Baby steps ๐Ÿ˜‰