Birthdays, Carter, Carter's progress, Family, Friends, HUNTER, CARTER & CHLOE, Parties CARTER’S 1ST BIRTHDAY: THE GREAT OUTDOORS 8 August 2013

Ohhh what fun we had outside during Carter’s 1st birthday party, considering the weather was gorgeously hot and the sun was shining! Like I said earlier, the party was meant to be a pool party, so the kids were all dyyyyiiinggggg to get outside and into the sparkling water.

As were we!

Is the excitement that obvious?


The kids and adults were changed into their swimmers in a *flash*, and everyone hopped into the pool. Except for one little bumble bee who was a tad unimpressed at his mum’s choice of swim attire for him. Which mum isn’t guilty of dressing up her kid in something that will later come back to haunt them? 😉

Such glee and such woe


The weather was glorious. Unfortunately for me, I was still busy dashing around talking to people, and didn’t have time to get into the pool to lounge and play around. A bummer as I did bring my swimmers and could’ve done with a bit of a cool off!

Most of the party hopped on in though, and it was so nice to see all the kids splashing around and laughing 🙂

The main pool


Splashing around


So happy to have cooled off!


Carter’s all “I don’t know this bumble bee next to me. I swear we have no association!!”


Lots of splashing good fun!


Hunter and two of his little gfs playing around in the water feature area


Everyone aaaaallll tuckered out


My aunt was super kind and generous, and organised the whole catering for us! So it went from “afternoon nibblies will be provided” (as I was going to get just a few pastries and tarts) to a full-blown epic meal, courtesy of my aunt!

The food was yummy though, so there were no complaints 😉 I even got a chance to eat.. albeit in small snatches and bites as I had to hop up every minute or so to talk to someone. Still, I loved the food!!

And I also stuck on my DIY superhero cutouts to wooden sticks, and stuck ’em all through the food, to try and add to the theme 😛

The buffet table


Oh nomnomnom….
Super love this photo because how ON THEME are we?!?!?!


Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

heh! 🙂 but his swimwear was to match the superhero/superpowers theme! he was bumble bee…. robots in disguise! i thought that was clever! 🙂