Copenhagen, Family, HOLIDAYS COPENHAGEN: THE ZOO!! 16 July 2013

I was super excited to take the kids to Copenhagen Zoo, because I’d heard that it was great for young children. And so we spent the whole day there, much to their delight! There really is something about kids and zoos… 🙂

In the corridor of our service apartment, watching the world go by (and deep in conversation with each other)


Dad and I on the way to the zoo


We couldn’t resist getting a wagon for the kids. Best move ever, because they adored it! It was surprisingly easy to drag along and maneuver, and was fab for dumping all our bags into as well.

Ever so pleased in the wagon


Kids for sale!


I thought the little ‘show and tell’ session that they had with rabbits, guinea pigs and mice was one of the most interesting parts of the zoo. It was really hands-on, and the kids even got to clean out the mouse cage and hold the little cuties!

Show and tell session at the zoo


This pic amuses me because all 4 of us aren’t paying attention, and all 4 of us are making weird faces.


Taking a peek into the mouse house


Hunter loved em!


Patting the rabbits


I held the adorable little grey mouse whilst Hunter patted him carefully with one finger. It made my heart go all funny, holding that mouse, especially watching Hunter so happy with it. It reminded me of when I was younger and had pet mice. They were my favourite pet of choice and I had many, many mice over the years.. all the way into college when I still kept them as pets, probably horrifying all my dorm mates!

OK so Hunter looks like he’s about to eat the mouse, but I swear he was really delighted!


Carter having a squizz too. He wasn’t allowed to touch it. I REALLY was scared he’d stuff the mouse into his mouth!


Checking out the ponies


“Why doesn’t this pony move, Mama?”


Little baby mountain goat. Awwwww!


Carter liked him 🙂


And obviously we saw all the standard stuff that all zoos have – elephants, giraffes, etc etc. But they were all in enclosures so I’m not posting any photos since that’s kinda boring and I’m sure you already know what those animals look like 😉

We had a lovely day though, and the kids sure did! It’s a shame Singapore’s weather isn’t about 5-10 celcius cooler.. it would make a trip to Singapore Zoo here (which is awesome) much more pleasant :X

Posting this pic because I just look SO DARN HAPPY!!!  And yes, I appear to be dragging a scowling toddler in the wagon, but nevermind 😉


Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

I agree about the Carter comment. I thought you did not want Carter to touch the mouse because of hygiene and not because you were afraid Carter would gobble up the mouse.

Also, yah, the Singapore Zoo is lovely but walking in the zoo in the sunny weather spoils all the fun!

haha your comment about how you REALLY were worried about Carter eating the mouse really made me laugh out loud!

The wagon looks so fun! Makes you wish you could bring one home and use it everyday 😉