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There was a lovely little outdoor thingy called Flipside at The Esplanade over the past week or so. We figured it’ll be a lovely way to spend the evening on a weekend – especially since it was outdoors.

The only problem was, the performances really only commence at 5PM… and my kids have bathtime/bedtime starting at 7PM. Most kids in Singapore sleep super ultra late (ie. 9PM or later) which I personally reckon is waaaaay too late for young toddlers. This means that a lot of kid-friendly evening events in Singapore are out for us 🙁 Decided to bite the bullet and push back their bedtimes (by an hour) for Flipside though, and turns out they tolerated it pretty well. Whew!

List of performances at Flipside


Let’s go check it out!


They had these Tree Men, or whatever they are called, walking around. You could take photos with them.. and the kids in the area ranged from delighted to horrified. Hunter was more of the latter. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw them! Was utterly fascinated, but also most alarmed when he got up-close and clung onto me frantically.

Hunter, not so enchanted by the tree guys


The most interesting thing, in my opinion, was the outdoor maze. It was super fun for kids and adults! There were lots of doors in the maze, and you had to solve physical or mental challenges to unlock them. Hunter had neither the mental capacity or physical dexterity to solve ANY of them, but he did have fun watching 😉

Serious game face on, pretending to solve the puzzle


Stack and balance the blocks to push the blocks at the top up, to unlock the door


Do you know the answer? (I’ll put it at the bottom of this post)


I don’t think that’s how you’re supposed to get in/out of the maze…


Carter. WORK IT.


The riverside walk at the Esplanade is really pretty, and lovely for a stroll with the family. It sure beats being inside a mall! The kids had fun checking out the boats, and Hunter surprised us by yelling out “MERLION!” when he spotted the popular Singapore tourist attraction. Because, errr, none of us has ever told him what it was, nor has he ever seen it in his life (I think?). How did he know what it was? Freaky..

Enjoying the outdoors. Though, granted, Carter’s face doesn’t exactly seem to agree..


My three boys 🙂


I can’t believe I’m mum to these two kidlets!


A gorgeous shot. Especially so because it was unprompted and Hunter just felt like leaning over and giving Carter a big HUG!


So much greenery


Hunter playing “The Human Jukebox”. The girls would change the way they sang according to which box you threw the ball into. HILARIOUS!!!


Big squeezy cuddles and kisses!


We had dinner right there, at Makansutra’s Gluttons Bay. Yep, awesome name huh? My first time there and I enjoyed it. There were very few stalls (surprising, I thought it’d be a huge thing) but the food was good. And it was lovely sitting outside in the evening, near the water.

Plus, Hunter chowed down on lots of chicken satay, so I was pretty happy!

Makansutra’s Gluttons Bay




Taunting poor Carter, who would’ve done just about anything to get his hands on a stick of satay too!


Family pic 🙂


It was a really nice event, and even more so because it was FREE! I love it when Singapore has this sort of family-friendly free events to go to.. just wish they occurred more frequently 🙂


(ANSWER: charcoal)


Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

Hellow there. Your boys’ tops are so colorful and cute! Can share with us where u get them? 😉

They’s a bunch of various zoo animals on the sleeveless tees, in super cute and bright colours! Very soft too. I got it recently from H&M. Think they were SGD$9 each or something 🙂

Hi just wondering what you do with Carters food if you out all day/night like that? Would you just prepare his food early morning and keep warm in flask?

He has his breakfast at home, usually plain greek yogurt and fresh fruit puree. Afternoon he will have his milk and some snacks (all when we’re out). And we are home for dinner!

Soon he will have lunch outside too. If I or my mum cooks chinese porridge, we’ll put it in a thermos flask. But usually I do purees for him which I bring (cold) in a pot.. then get the restaurant to microwave it for me. That said, most of my mummy friends will just give it straight to their kids (since it’ll be room temp by then) but I prefer to make it warm!