Birthdays, HUNTER, CARTER & CHLOE, Parties, Playdates HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY MIA! 7 February 2013

It was Hunter’s little girl friend Mia’s 2nd birthday a few weeks ago and she celebrated it Disney style! The girls came dressed as pretty princesses and ballerinas and cute little characters.. and the boys came dressed as a pirate and Tigger. I can list the boys’ outfits because there were only 2 boys – Hunter and another older boy 😉 Well, and Carter.. but he pretty much did nothing except sit there and watch everyone!

My gf very smartly held it in a function room, which was nice and air-conditioned and a fabulous idea  because it was pouring with rain on the day. So all the kids were kept nicely enclosed and cool and comfortable, as were the adults.

She went ALL OUT with the food….. cooking/baking/preparing everything! With zero help AND a toddler to look after. She puts us all to shame. Plus, the food was absolutely delicious. A lovely and light pasta salad, adorable mini sausage rolls and quiches, pretty fairy bread, fruit-cutouts on skewers, jelly, etc etc. It was awesome. Hunter thoroughly enjoyed all the food too!


Spectacular cupcakes, all fairy princess like


Tinkerbell, the birthday girl!


Carter, just chillin’


Everyone was confused with Hunter’s outfit. He was meant to be Tigger!


Fairy princess. She has the softest hair!


Our two chubsters, with their two antisocial dads sitting in the corner


Ballerina and Tinkerbell *faints with cuteness*


My little introvert was happy sitting in the corner and playing by himself


“Wanna marshmallow??”


NOMNOMNOM. He wasn’t a fan, gave it straight back to me!


As you can see, my gfs and I tend to have similar taste AND a nasty habit of influencing each other 😛


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the cutest Tinkerbell I have ever seen!


Two boy inundated with a ton of girls


Carter getting some good luvin’ from random strangers outside


Adorable goodybags with homemade name tags


The kids finding fun in ‘helping’ to pack up


That’s all, folks!

I’ve decided I really love kids birthday parties. It’s a chance for me to see and catch up with my friends and their husbands, and a chance for our kids to play together. Kind of like a mega playdate. So much fun 🙂


Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

I used to find children’s parties extremely boring but now that I have a child, whoosh, it’s the best time to catch up with the mummies. And anti-social daddies are welcome because then they can look after the young ones so that we can chit chat uninterrupted.

oh my gosh, carter’s cheeks are to die for. now i’m kicking myself for not asking if i could carry him the last time i saw you guys!

children grow up wayyy too fast =/

hope to see you guys soon thou! (haha, i JUST MIGHT consider your suggestion for thursdays! just so i can lay my hands on this bundle of mega cuteness)