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Our flight back home to Singapore was actually pretty non-eventful. I’ve learned that with 2 babies, it’s best to do a day flight. That way, we just keep them occupied and if they do fuss or make a noise, other passengers are more forgiving since no one is really sleeping. Plus, we don’t feel the pressure to “QUICK get them to sleep cos it’s their bedtime!”

The flight was chockers with babies!! The lady at check-in counter said that it was practically half full with kids 😉 And it was true. Every single row had at least 1 baby/kid sitting in a seat. Felt sorry for people with low/zero-tolerance of babies… and could practically hear their “ARGGGHHHH CRAP!” in their heads when they realised the plane was full of kids 😉

Well, happy to report that both of ours were on their best behaviour through the whole flight. Thank goodness!

SuperDad baby-carrying and pushing baby in stroller. As you do!


All settled in before take-off. See that blonde-haired boy next to me? He was singing in fluent Mandarin! Couldn’t believe my ears…


WE HIT THE PARENTAL JACKPOT!!!! Both babies asleep for the last few hours of the flight *fistpump*


My little hipster. All cool and suave in his……. Sesame Street pjs.


Now belting out “Twinkle twinkle little star”, albeit distractedly

Hunter strumming his guiture and belting out “Wheels on the bus” at home

Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

glad they behaved well.. makes the flight easier and less stressful 🙂
looks like a large plane.. always fun to be on big planes
the 777 layout is 3-3-3.. hmm.. so you must have been on an Airbus 330?
(I love planes haha)

I’ve flown on:
Boeing 747, 767, 777
Airbus 319, 320, 321, 330, 340
Lockheed L1011
Bombardier CRJ700

Surpisingly, I’ve never been on a Boeing 737 even though there are thousands of them out there

(yes, I am an airplane geek LOL)

I don’t know whether to be freaked out or impressed. Haha!

Errr I have no idea what we’re on. To me it’s just a plane 😉 I do like the new one though.. the A380 or something?

PS. You need a lil boy to indulge with in your plane interests!

haha.. I’ve always been facinated by planes.. actually, my 2 little girls love airplanes! the planes fly over our house on the approach to Toronto airport (we are 25 km from the airport)

Avery would always point at the airplanes when she was a baby, and one of her first words was “airplane” haha They have lots of toy airplanes (ie Playmobile, etc)

yes, it is the A380.. I never flew on one yet.. they are so big! maybe one day when we fly to Asia on vacation 🙂