Yeah… so….. I said I was going to do a whole plethora of fashion blog entries on the stuff I’ve bought, but somewhere in the past few days I fell off the blogging band wagon and just can’t be bothered. I’m a bit embarrassed to say that there’s just so much stuff I don’t really know where to start..! So I’m just ignoring it all for now and found something else to blog about 😉


So I’d heard that Cat was showing at Forum The Shopping Mall – a little play targeted at “1 to 4 year olds”, and was eager to take Hunter there to check it out. He’s normally easily overwhelmed and scared of shows (dislikes the loud noises and in-your-face-ness), so I liked the fact that it was only about 30 mins and that it was free, thanks to Julia Gabriel centre!

What can I say? IT WAS AWESOME. 

So good that I’ve since taken Hunter back to see it again, with my cousin and her son. Aaaannnnd… we’ll be there again on Friday. The actors actually recognised Hunter and I when we went a 2nd time. So I’m feeling a little *ahem* embarrassed at showing my face a THIRD time. But… it’s just so good! And Hunter really liked it! And I was LOL-ing around cos I just find them sooooooo funny!

Chris is calling me a groupie.

But, I love how it is straight forward and simple, with captivating actors, and wonderful simple and catchy songs for kids. And, it’s hilarious!!!! OK, you can take that with a grain of salt because I appeared to be the only adult there chortling away, so either the other mums there are boring ‘ol biddies, or I have the mental aptitude of a little kid.

Funny moment – 4 year old Elliot who asked “So, when are the REAL cats coming out?” Guess he wasn’t as impressed with the cat actor 😉

Anyhoodle, pictures! Fully recommend you bring your kids if you’re in Singapore.. it’s an awesome little production. Here’s the full details.


Being dragged around by cousin Elliot. They are too cute when they walk around together holding hands!


Boys having a snack before showtime. Elliot with fries, Hunter being healthy (his choice, not mine!) with fresh milk 😛


Waiting for Cat to start


“I’m a cat. When I’m scared I make this sound…. hissssss!”




A bee!


Hunter loved this dude


“DADA!” he exclaimed. LOL.


Quick video before they told me to stop videoing 🙁


Going up to pat the “cat” afterwards


Checking out Dog’s kennel


And also at the Forum mall is the new store nottoobig on level 2, that is freakin’ PARADISE if you have a kid! They stock a plethora of super-cool niche (mostly European) brands. It’s the kind of store where the cool kids get their clothes from, with loads of unique finds.

Mummy and Daddy wonderland


YOUR HEAD WILL EXPLODE if you have a girl, by the way. Some of the brands they carry have the prettiest and most unique dresses I have ever seen in my life. First time ever I have actually yearned for a girl, simply to dress her up in them 😉


Too bad I’m not small enough to fit into one of these dresses 😉


And for the cool street kids, you have milk on the rocks clothing from NYC. Remember the photoshoot Hunter did? There’s the entire range here with cute prints to boot. I really like their skinny look. They also have this incredible navy pea coat that I was lusting over for Hunter, but we are not going anyway cold in the near future 🙁


Hey, guess who???


Here’s Carter decked out in Joules clothing, that I got from the nottoobig store. I love the fabric the brand uses!! Ultra soft on baby skin, and thin enough for Singapore’s weather.

Plus, hellllllllo, they actually do a rainbow that’s masculine enough for boys. Don’t even get me started on how cute the girls’ prints are.

Chilling out wearing Joules


The matching Joules beanie and drool bib. Obviously I didn’t dress Carter head-to-toe in entirely Joules, now that would be just comical!


There’s also Canadian brand Sons + Daughters that have a range of sunglasses in the shop. I’m rather annoyed with them actually, because they’re all kiddie sized and NONE that I could wear!! Terribly unfair, don’t you think?

Hunter actually loves wearing sunglasses (“too bright”, he will complain, if he doesn’t have them on). Here he is trying on his namesake, “The Hunter” sunglasses.

Hey ladies, what’s up?


Rockin’ “The Ferris” two-tone sunglasses


Oh, there’s also a discount area (always my favourite section, haha) in the store.. I think stuff is 30-50% off, from memory. Not much there so hurry and get in there! And there’s up to 20% off on selected brands.

Come to think of it, it’s a dangerous store (for your bank account) to step into 😉


Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

Bev, those dresses that you posted up are from UK. They do adult sizes too. I just can’t remember the brand now but I do remember checking it out online just a month ago!

Did Hunter mistaken the actor as his dad? That was so funny! ;P And Carter looks soooooo adorable in the rainbow outfit!

Well we kinda started it cos first he really liked the guy, then we said “is it cos he’s like Daddy?” (ie. makes him laugh), and after that he declared the guy as ‘Daddy’ 😉