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Henry Congressional
44 Holland Grove Road
Singapore 278813
RATING: ????-

Henry Congressional serve a pretty mean coffee. Not surprising, since they’re owned by the same folk of Smitten, my other fave coffee joint. They’re on a quiet street in a residential area, but I hear they’re only there for a few more months, so get there quick!

It’s a small cafe with only a few seats and a very homely feel. Be warned – they have NO baby chairs (so weird??) and the place is not baby-proof nor baby-friendly. That said, they were pretty tolerant of our kids running around the place and at least they sat (fairly) quietly on the adult chairs.. but I personally wouldn’t dare to go there just by myself with Hunter.


Some of the edible goodies


They serve…. coffee. There’s also teas and beers, but really, their star brew is their coffee. They use Smitten’s updated in-house Thumper Espresso blend, which provides a deliciously robust and strong cuppa. Love the hot latte, and also the iced latte.

I adore the Savory scones, which are served as-is with no dip or spread, but it still works. They have a smokey and rich cheese flavour and are small, so cute for popping into your mouth! The portion is teeny tiny though, and ought to be doubled.

Their Chicken panini and Nutella and banana panini were both excellent. It seems like such a simple combination, but perhaps it’s the delicious bread that really makes it stand out. Sometimes, the good stuff is in the simple things.

The Pandan chiffon cake is pricey at $4 for a slice, and I found it pretty similar to the pandan cakes you get for 1/3 the price at various bakeries. It was good, but didn’t stand out for me. Perhaps it’s a personal thing, as I’ve heard good reviews for it.

The blue-clothing Queen and King




Kids running wild


Baby Casanova tip: to get a girl to just sit still and listen to you, make sure she’s popped up on a high chair and can’t run away….


…. or alternatively, ply her with drinks


I like the area as there’s a large playground outside, though Hunter specifically only goes for the see saw and ride-em animals. It’s a nice spot for kids to run around in, though better in the morning or late-arvo since it doesn’t have much shade (damn Singapore’s hot weather!).

Well-pleased now that he’s in a playground


OK, who’s heavier?


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