Living in... Singapore, Shopping CUSTOM-MADE LAPTOP TABLE 16 July 2012

If you look really closely at the photos in my blog post about our home, you’ll see peeking in one of the living room photos my laptop table.

Back around 2 months ago, when I was scouring Etsy for home decor stuff, I stumbled upon an Etsy shop that sold custom-made tables. I LOVED how they were made of wood, in whatever finish you wanted, and how I could pick the fabric. Then, she makes it for you and it’s shipped to your door. Shipping wasn’t cheap since it’s solid wood, but there aren’t any nice-looking laptop tables here in Singapore – annoyingly! And so I justified it and it arrived around 3 weeks later.

I chose a wooden top in white vintage-wash, made into a custom size to fit my laptop. The fabric is a gorgeous turquoise & white that I reckon matches our home really well 🙂 It’s working out really well because the soft cushiony/bean base is comfy on my lap, and the wooden tray holds my laptop without it sliding off. Plus, how pretty is it?!?! 😀


Custom-made laptop table – solid wood top in white vintage-wash, fabric bottom.


Though Hunter has declared it his personal seat


“Why look at your laptop when you can look at ME, Mum?”


If he’s not careful, one day I’m gonna NOM his cheeks right off!


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Let's Chat!

Aww! We really love love love this!
Adore our trays being Worldwide and especially if the place is as beautiful as yours!

Thank you so much!!

PS: Will share this on our FB page here: