Hunter, Playdates ROYCE KIDS GYM 16 April 2012

I’m a member of Royce Kids Gym and I reckon it’s one of the better (or even the best) play gyms in Singapore. I think it’s really beneficial for kids to have a safe environment where they can crawl/walk/scramble around in, and a place where there are loads of toys to stimulate and amuse them. An additional perk is you can also witness what kind of toy(s) your kid really likes, and buy that specific one for them at home (or, just go to the gym to play with each time!). That’s important to me, because Hunter has SO many toys (or place looks like a toy shop…….) yet is only particularly keen on a select few.

Royce Kids Gym has a very high ratio of expat kids, ranging from babies to older children. Hunter is one of the little ones, but he really enjoys himself there. He’s been there around 5 times now, and so is quite used to the place and will toddle around looking for the specific toy/equipment that he’s keen on. I do think that being there has helped with his walking skills when he started walking unsupported in the past 2 months, because he keenly watches the older kids there to see how they move, and how they play.

The gym also has really lovely staff, and they make the effort to tidy up the toys ALL the time. They literally are constantly walking around arranging stuff! Everything there is tidy and most importantly, clean. It makes for a great place for kids to have fun, and also to tire themselves out so they take a great nap afterwards and we mummies can then relax πŸ˜‰

Any play gyms that you take your kids to, that you reckon are awesome as well?

LOVING the wooden train set, which is the first thing Hunter zooms to when he enters


The swing sets? Not quite a fan..


Lotsa balls!


His #1 favourite item in the gym - this specific red car. He seriously loves it with all his heart!


A BMW ride-em car that he loves vrrrooommming on as well


Loves to climb up those stairs, but still too fearful to go down the slide by himself


One of his other faves - all the cooking stove tops the gym has!


We also stayed at the Marina Mandarin HotelΒ the other week, because of Chris’ work and conferences. Hunter seriously enjoyed the big, soft bed and the fluffy pillows. Love seeing his satisfied grin when he *plonks* himself down on the bed!

Oh happiness! Oh joy!


Freshly showered and ready for bed


A precious moment: father and son bonding time at night


Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

Wow, looks like I should bring my son there one day! We’ve been to the Polliwogs but the toddler area does not seem to be as big as this!

Love your reviews on kids activities like the Animal resort btw πŸ™‚ we made a trip there last weekend…

You def should try it out esp if you’re in the area.. it’s pretty impressive πŸ™‚
And hope you enjoyed your time at the Animal Resort!

They must have changed their staff or improve on their service because I was there a couple of times in 2010 and didn’t like it at all. Their staff was very impersonal, in fact, they gave me and my friends the impression that they hated kids! And I certainly didn’t see anyone walking around and tidying the place up at all times. Overall, I find the gym a little too small for my liking. Perhaps it suit younger kids more. My son was 3 when we went there and he found the place rather boring.

Yikes.. that IS pretty bad! Maybe they’ve changed management or shaped up since, cos they were really good every time I’ve been (whew)

Yes we’ve been there. πŸ™‚ Tabby loves it there!! but we are not members and we…*ahem* find it a bit ex esp with two kids. LoL