So a couple of people were asking me to post a video of Hunter doing sign language. It’s almost impossible for me to video him when he’s asking for “milk” ‘cos he’ll probably go wild (not in a good way) that I’m not quick enough to give him his bottle 😉

So I did a video for his “more” baby sign, but only super quick ‘cos I had to drop the camera to get him his next bit of cheese before he got upset, haha…

Hunter doing baby-sign for “more”

And… this is Hunter when he was doing his motorbike impression. The boy is obsessed with cars, bikes, etc etc. Will HAVE to go up and touch them (and even better, ride) when he sees one.

Hunter doing his motorbike impression (taken last month)

Us chilling in the living room (taken 2 months ago)

I also want to take a video of Hunter singing and doing the actions to his favourite songs, but haven’t gotten around to it. It’s hard remembering to, and I’m lazy 😛 He doesn’t sing the entire song, but specific words in each sentence. Same with his actions. It’s cute to watch but I bet if I whip out the camera he’ll stare and want to grab at that instead of listening to the song – haha!

Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

OMG! I love how his motorbike sputters when it starts! And the look he gave you when you started doing the motorbike sound, is priceless. ‘like mum, that’s not how a motorbike sounds like!’ 🙂