Hunter HELLO ELLY! 30 March 2012

A month ago, Dad and I took the boys to see Hello Elly!, a production at the Esplanade. It’s meant to be for 2-4 year olds so Elliot was perfectly aged for it, but Hunter was a bit young. That said, he loved it! His eyes went HUGE and round as he took in all the music and characters.. so I was glad I brought him.

The audience gathers in the center and are seated on the floor. I like the casual, inclusive concept, but I think the Esplanade should have thought about audience numbers carefully. It was WAY too cramped! To me, it seemed that they had a certain number of sessions and just kept selling tickets to make maximum profit, not quite thinking about comfort, safety or seating logistics of the customers. Tsk tsk.

Smooshed in, but at least we get a seat at the edge!
Bumming around waiting for the show to start


My lil man


"You taking pics of me again, Mum?"


The show itself was really good. All the kids there had such a great time! There was cute Elly the elephant, Tree the tree, etc etc. It was learning the ABCs through word play and songs.. and the kids had a ball singing along and guessing the letters. The performers also spoke really well, which was excellent.

Hello, Elly!


OK he looks ridiculous in this photo, but the kids loved it 😉


Happy boys


Totally engrossed


Would I bring Hunter to another concert? Yep! He likes them, and can remain quiet and non-fidgety through it all.. so I figure why not 🙂


Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

Hunter’s such a good boy! I doubt Bubs would be able to sit without fidgeting much, he’d prob want to run up to the elephant, lol

I think he’s at that age where he’s too young to be super active heh! So he spent the whole time just staring WIDE EYED at everything 😉