Hunter HELLO, WORLD? 10 January 2012

OK so something bad happened to my blog, ‘cos peoeple were reporting that they couldn’t click into the A NEW YEAR PLAYDATE link to comment on it. Argh! I actually still have no idea what’s wrong, even after trawling through the code. I mean, it’s so weird this bug affects just my newest entry?

So I’m posting this to check whether people can comment on this entry, or if it also craps out like the previous one… *fingers crossed*


Hunter (11 months) showing us where his ears and tongue are –
no audio cos it’s crapped out on my phone πŸ™

Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

Hey!! It’s been so long since I’ve been on LJ that I didn’t notice you got your own site! Hunter is sooo big now!! And he’s friggin adorable! <3 so in love with him! What's your instagram Bev??

Your lil’ hunter is soo cute! Love your blog. I randomly came across your blog looking for Hermes watch~