Family, Hunter DAD’S BIRTHDAY! 4 January 2012

It was Dad’s birthday on New Year’s Eve.. and we went out for a big family lunch to celebrate. Chris and I were there, my parents were there, Chris’ parents were there, my aunt and uncle and nephew were there…. but you wouldn’t have realised it because most of the photos were of, errr, Hunter.

Whose birthday was it again? 😉

Birthday boy and his Little Dragon Hunter


Blowing out the candles


My parents with their favourite 2 boys


Current obsession is walking up stairs..


"Where are my eyes, Hunter?"


A warm bottle of milk before his afternoon nap


Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

happy birthday to dad! hunter has the funniest tee shirt! 🙂

did you get it cos of his name? or was it a coincidence?

Hi Beverly, hope your dad had a great birthday. You are so lucky to have such a good relationship with your dad (and mum), everyone always looks so happy in the pictures. They look like such proud parents and grandparents 🙂

yeah.. I guess the benefit of being an only child is that you’re also super close to your parents 🙂
Thanks for your well wishes Stefanie!