Food reviews - Singapore PIQUE NIQUE 13 December 2011


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Pique Nique
#B1-01 Takashimaya
Ngee Ann City Tower A
391A Orchard Road
RATING: ???–

Seems that Pique Nique is getting to be a little hit-and-miss these days. I go there frequently because it’s easily accessible since it’s right in the middle of the city, so it’s a great place for my girl friends and I to hop in for lunch and/or dessert. Plus, the staff are always really friendly 🙂

However, lately I’ve noticed that some dishes are good, and some dishes just…. aren’t. I don’t know if there’s a rogue chef in there or they’re cutting corners, but now I get a bit nervous when I order, wondering “will this be a good dish or fail miserably?”. Not a very good thought for a customer to be having!

Christmas decorations out at Pique Nique


My Superman and I (in my Zhai dress!)


The Blue Cheese Hotdog was not bad, but a little on the salty side. Then again, it IS cheese, so can’t really blame ’em! It was also quite on the dry side because blue cheese isn’t exactly creamy and it was just paired with the hotdog. It could’ve done with some mayonnaise or aioli.. just something to make it more moist. The bun was toasted beautifully though, and the chips were fantastic.

Blue Cheese Hotdog


Hunter did enjoy the bun 😉


The Eggs Benedict was a complete and utter FAIL. Wow, it was awful. We were expecting something fantastic, since Pique Nique seems just like that sort of cafe that would whip up an awesome Eggs Benedict. Unfortunately:

  1. Eggs were COLD. Very obviously pre-cooked and left sitting there for ages until someone ordered the dish.
  2. Egg yolks were HARD BOILED. Hello, the whole point of Eggs Benedict is the molten egg yolk!
  3. Ham was a slice of deli ham. Not freshly shaved ham.
  4. Served with fries (??). Made in all-in-all a cold, very dry dish.
The awful Eggs Benedict


Fortunately, their Waffle with butterscotch ice cream was excellent – as always. Only problem is that they put the maple syrup at the bottom, so it made the waffle incredibly sweet. Best to put it in a separate little pot. The waffle was deliciously crisp but moist on the inside, with a beautiful slightly salted flavour and in a great size. Loved the Butterscotch ice cream too, which complemented to waffle brilliantly. A fantastic dessert but since it has such a huge dose of sugar in it, it’s best shared.

Waffle with butterscotch ice cream


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