Events, Hunter, Playdates LITTLE LUXE SINGAPORE LAUNCH PARTY 16 December 2011

We had a bit of a crazy playdate the other day.. because of the number of babies involved and also because it was to attend the Little Luxe Singapore launch party, which had tons of people!

We started off with lunch at Skinny Pizza. My first time eating there and I’m impressed. They had great staff that accomodated our babies with a smile, and seemed to love our kids, which was great. I thought the food was excellent too – though I have to admit, I DO LOVE PIZZA 😉

Their pizzas are incredibly thin – I’m talking more like a thin cracker, than a regular pizza base. Even thinner than regular ‘thin crust’ pizzas. It’s basically crunchy! Unusual, but it was tasty. Only problem is that it means the pizzas are not very filling, so one person can easily eat a whole pizza. I ate 6 slices (ie. one whole pizza) of various toppings, a dessert, and a drink.. and wasn’t super-duper full or anything. So something to keep in mind if you go – make sure you order at least 1 or 1.5 pizzas per head!

My favourite was the Wild mushroom and truffle pizza, which was bursting with fat mushrooms and had a strong truffle flavour. So so good. The Salami pizza was good but nothing that special IMHO. I enjoyed the Cod fish and mashed potato pizza though, which was so unusual – never thought I’d like fish on a pizza, but this was good!

I also had their Roobois latte which was a creamy roobois tea served with honey. Perfection.

Dessert was a Chocolate cake (not pictured) but I wouldn’t get that again because it was SO insanely sweet that it had me reeling..

Skinny Pizza


Meeting little Suri


Then we headed off for the Little Luxe launch! They’re launching the Singapore version of things for families/kids to do in Singapore.. and it’s all tres cute. They ran a well-organised event, but the place was really chaotic with running screaming kids, especially considering space is tight since the store has so much stuff in it. It was really difficult with our strollers so we were all pretty overwhelmed.

Little Luxe event


Cool-looking cake, and all the new Little Luxe Singapore guides


The kids We had a great time camwhoring on Santa’s chair! Santa actually did come, but by then Hunter had fallen asleep so we didn’t get any pics of him with Santa 🙁 So instead, he got pics of sitting on Mummy’s lap, LOL.

Posing for photos - just another day in the life of Hunter 😉


The two lil pretty ladies!


"Don't abandon me and leave me sitting here by myself, Mum!"




"Just leave the lil girl with me. I'll take GOOD care of her ;)"


Our 3 lil kiddies!


Adorable cups. Something to consider for Hunter's 1st birthday party..


Yummy cupcakes!


This is how the cool kids drink, cos milk bottles are for sissies!


A trio of super cute lil girls 🙂



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