Now that Hunter’s discovered his feet and practicing all his steps and toddling around in the past month or so, we’ve become a lot more vigilant about what he wears on his feet. Previously, he’d just go barefoot or wear socks, but now we want him to wear actual shoes. are an online company that import baby and children’s brands from all around the world. Specifically, I like their Salt-Water sandals, these adorable retro shoes that I reckon are perfect for summer (ie. Singapore’s humid weather). They’re strappy sandal style, but fortunately made of water-friendly leather so kids can wear them to the beach or poolside. The leather is hand-stitched and fastened with brass buckles, so they won’t rust either.

A happy lil box of goodies from


Salt-Water Sandals!


They fit Hunter really well and I’m liking the sturdy brass buckles, because it means I can adjust them as he grows older. And, errmmmm, Hunter kinda has fat feet, so sometimes shoes don’t quite fit him well and cause marks on his poor squishy lil feet. But these Salt-Water sandals don’t 🙂

Comfy fit, with lots of room to grow


I also discovered that celebrity kids wear these Salt-Water sandals. My favourite? Suri Cruise.. who is like Miss Fashionista of the celeb-kid world 😉 Welp, Hunter is a celebrity in MY imaginary world, so here he issssss –

Soft vulcanized rubber soles (ie. water proof and flexible)


Pleased with his new sandals


Up we get, and test out those sandals!


"I'm popeye the sailor man"


OK another pic of the sandals cos I like the effect of this photo


Gonna pair his blue sandals with this blue tee. BECAUSE HOW CUTE IS THIS?!?!


Hunter modelling his new Salt-Water sandals from 😛


Now I’m eyeing their Duck-egg blue kimono onesie. Because, really, how gorgeous is it?! In my favourite colour, no less 😛


Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

Bev, I cant stop laughing when i see this cute little popeye the salilor man pic….. Hunter is sooooo cute look with the outfits & sandals 😉 (((muacksss)))

I’m so amazed that he is standing and toddling at such a young age. Does he crawl?

Oh nahhh he’s not walking around by himself yet! I think that’s in many many more months to come 😛 But he can walk if we hold his hands, and I think he likes that cos it makes him feel so much more mobile

arwww he is just precious modelling his shoes! i’m going to have a look , i want to buy a pair too

Aww. Hunter is such a happy little boy! 🙂 Love his outfit! and I especially love the “I’m popeye the sailor man” pic! so funny! 😀