Cookyn with Mervyn, Friends A FRENCH COOKYN PARTY 15 October 2011

We booked out a whole session at Cookyn Inc, and decided on the theme French Fete! After all, having French food in a nice restaurant would set you back a pretty penny, so might as well have it at Cookyn where we’re guaranteed the ingredients are the best, we get to cook, and just hang out. Win!

Where (cookyn) magic happens...


This time, we had 2 babies attend the class. I actually found it pretty difficult having Hunter around, because one of us would have to spend time with him and keep him amused. Plus he was feeling pretty overwhelmed with all the banging and clanging and talking and laughter, so he needed extra-special attention and cuddles to keep him calm. Dohhhh.

Ahoy there, Captain Cook!


Babies in a box. Hey, it keeps 'em occupied and safe!


His own box!! What a luxury


Words. Fail. Me.




Our starter was a DIY challenge, where we were given a couple of ingredients and away we went! We ended up with a sort of Tuna tartare with aioli. I say sort of, because I’m not quite sure what type of random dish we put together here 😉 The girls did do a good job of plating it all though – so even though we had an overdose of (large chunked) onions and pickles, at least it looked good! The boys, on the other hand, decided it would be perfectly legitimate to dump the ingredients onto a plate, like a pile of dog food. “Still tastes the same. Good.” they declared. Riiiiight.

How many girls does it take to make aioli? Obviously more than 2, since it went a little weird and un-aioli-like 😉


Did you know that you can get seedless limes? I didn't!


My girl-created beauty VS his boy-created dogfood


The next dish was Roasted duck a la orange with potato confit which turned out to be fairly straightforward, since the main ingredient was duck breast imported from France. It was first browned in a pan, then roasted in the oven. For me, though, I much prefer duck confit than roasted, because I like the whole melt-in-your-mouth type of meat, rather than steak-style. But I adored the tangy-sweet orange sauce!

And that Potato confit you see below on the plate? The potatoes were cooked very slowly in a big pot of olive oil, so they came out melty soft and addictive.. so much so I had to have seconds 😛

Chef Mervyn tells us how it's done


Duck breasts all the way from France


Roasted duck a la orange with potato confit
5 boys in a row


The Pasta tossed with shaved foie gras, crushed pinenuts and seaweed was by FAR my favourite dish! Holy smokes it was FANTASTIC. Luscious. Creamy. Decadent. Perfect. It’s a simple concept – just pasta with lots of foie gras mixed into it, and topped with (self pounded, natch!) pinenuts and quality Japanese seaweed. I cheated a little and put extra foie gras into my pasta and stirred it all in, so it was a 50/50 mix between pasta and foie gras.

Arghhhh it was heavenly! I want to eat this every day. A few others thought I was a little gross in eating so much foie gras, but whatever, it was awesome 🙂

I pound extra-hard. Boom.


Hunter being highly amused with Chris' flintstone expression
Pasta tossed with shaved foie gras, crushed pinenuts and seaweed


Dessert was a no-cooking-required Strawberry Charlotte. I must admit, I generally don’t like fruit-based desserts. Totally contradictory to me because dessert is meant to be sweet and sinful! But, I really liked this Strawberry Charlotte because the strawberries were super-sweet and it had lashings of cream personally whipped up by us and infused with vanilla bean 🙂 So good that I ended up making up a mish-mash version in a spare mixing bowl, and scoffing that one down too. Yum!

Strawberry Charlotte
Life's always good when you're getting cuddles
Teh tarik (pulled tea) freshly made for us 😀


Checking out the garden outside. So gorgeous!


Hunter, yet again traumatised when his girl friend screams!


Much better now that he's not within hearing distance 😉


Can you believe he actually fit into my belly, 8 months ago??


The 8 of us stayed on for hours afterwards (oops!) and so took this pic 😛


Virtually every person I’ve spoken to in Singapore knows about and/or has attended a Cookyn Inc party before. But in case you’re not in the know, you totally should have your next party or event there. It’s helluva lot more fun (and unique!) than the standard “Let’s do dinner” type of celebrations and at least you know you’ll be fed well 😉

Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

Hm I should find out if they have something like that here, it does sound like a great way to get together. You’re full of inspirations! Btw love your top!