Hunter, Me ‘ME TIME’ – TRIED AND FAILED 9 September 2011

I managed to steal away for a little bit the other day, a very rare moment for me as I need to be with Hunter all the time because of the breastfeeding. It all went a bit pear-shaped, because despite preparing a bottle filled with breastmilk for Hunter for my parents to feed him with (you cannot imagine the effort – have to clean/sanitize all the pump parts, express breastmilk, clean/sanitize his bottle, transfer the milk over, make sure the milk stays chilled by putting it in an insulated bag, etc..), HE REFUSED THE BOTTLE! No matter how hard my parents tried, he angrily batted away the bottle. Sigh.

But since, I’ve managed to get him to take breastmilk from his sippy cup. Yay! Just as well, since he’s already progressed to using the sippy cup. We are practicing every morning and evening now (about 2oz of milk each time before he’s then directly breastfed the rest), and my hope is that when I next decide to have a bit of “me time, he’ll be OK with taking the sippy cup from my parents. Fingers crossed.

Anyway, the reason was I went to get my hair coloured.. it’s now a sort of deep mahogany. I can’t do brown, because my hair always lightens in the sun, and the brown streaks end up going straw-coloured and most unattractive. So I’m hoping this deep-red colour I have in now will manage to ‘stick’ and not get bleached by the sun!

Dont you love that post-hairdresser feeling; the freshly washed and dried hair? 🙂


Anyway, does anyone have an opinion on latex vs silicone pacifiers? I know the silicone ones are more easily found in shops, and that’s what Hunter’s been using to sleep. But, I tried out the Nuk latex pacifier with him the other day and he took pretty well to it (he generally will reject all pacifiers but the one he’s used to). It is SO SOFT! I really like how soft and flexible it is, plus the colour of the pacifier is just too cute 😉

Enjoying his NUK latex pacifier


And finally, just some random photos I snapped of Hunter, which I’m throwing up here 🙂

Happy boys


His onesie says 'Dumpling'. Because, really, that's what he is.


BIG Bear meets Little Bear


There's something indescribably endearing about naked baby fat. And I mean that in the least creepy way possible 😛



Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

YES. bwahahahahhaaaa. Today we are going out without him and my parents are taking over a feed. Keep your fingers crossed all goes well, as it’ll mean we can do nails/high tea next week then!

I had the same problem with Tabby when she was 11 weeks old. She rejected bottles even though she had one once a day all the way from week 11 to she was about 5 months old! Then one day, she took to it miraculously. So I would say if you want to bottle feed him leave it a month and try again! BTW if he is happy with a sippy cup keep to it! I hear that babies who take their milk from sippy cups from the age of 1 is correlated to have less issues of obesity. 😛

To Cindy – good point Re: the drinking of milk from bottles.
Also once teeth have emerged = higher incidence of juvenile tooth decay, well in Australia that is….

Yeah now he’s happy with the sippy cup and merrily drinks breastmilk from that, which I’m happy with! I like the idea of reduced obesity risk too….. 😉

Gorgeous as always Beverly.
And good for you for swapping to breastmilk in a sippy cup and not re-trying the bottle. So many mums can fall into the trap of introducing a bottle when the cup stage should be being explored. Stick with it, forward you go!
And yes totally agree baby fat is just squishy and kissy, especially cute little bot-bots! My son is 6 now and I still think he has the cutest bottom.

Thanks Amy – I did read that if a baby takes the cup, might as well go with that instead of regressing backwards. So, I guess as long as he’s fine with the cup it’s all good!

Hehe I agree, baby bot bots are the cutest. Hunter keeps getting his kissed 😉

I have no idea if this idea is valid or if it’ll work but what if you start off with breastfeeding and then after a minute, ‘trick’ hunter with a bottle.. then go back to breastfeeding.. and then eventually feeding him on the bottle longer? *shrugs*

Had the same issue with Arthur at the same age. Only thing we could do was to leave it to the nanny to deal with it when I went back to work (at 7 months) and she solve it in a couple of days! And me too need to recolor my hair growth, might opt for the diy option (garnier mousse?)

Ohh thanks Jess! Mine isn’t red like yours is, though, heh. Mine is just dark red highlights.. cos I think lighter colours look a bit weird on Asians 😉 I hope mine last though!

The mahogany hair colour sounds great, but red is a color that washes out easily (have been getting it in mine for years). The best suggestion I can give is stick to dark red colours as they will fade out to brown – lighter reds will turn pink very quickly.