Barcelona, Uncategorized EUROTRIP: CABLECAR IN BARCELONA 11 September 2010

For a fabulous view of Barcelona city and beaches, a trip on their cable car is a must. It’s not dirt-cheap, but the views are beautiful. I should warn though that there is an extended waiting period during the summer months, we had to wait about 30-40 minutes before we got on the cable car. It’s a 15 minute or so trip, with birds-eye views of the city and the pretty beaches.

It’s particularly nice having a stroll around the park area after you get off the cable car. Beautiful views high above the city and it’s so relaxing chilling out in the shade under the tree. The fab thing is that there are regular buses that go from this park area down back into the city, so you don’t have to catch the cable car back again if 1) you’re cheap like us or 2) you don’t want to wait if there’s a queue.

Nice way to kill time and kick back and relax, especially after powering around the streets of Barcelona the previous few days!

A movie I took of the view, and me babbling away like craaaaaazy!

Getting into the cablecar

Off we go!

Wheeeee… A view of Barceloneta Beach on the right

The harbour from up high

Heading towards Montjuïc

Relaxing and enjoying the views at Montjuïc

Lush greenery

Such pretty, delicate lil flowers

We sat on the grass in the park and just bummed..

So pretty

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