France, Uncategorized EUROTRIP: LITTLE TOWN OF AVIGNON 29 August 2010

It was time to say GOODBYE PARIS and……………. HELLO AVIGNON!!!

We wanted to spend a week or so in the South of France. It has a different vibe to Paris, kind of like comparing rolling countryside and little townships to a big developed bustling city. Plus, I always hear people wax lyrical about the beauty of the South of France, so was very keen to see it all myself.

In short? Yes, a lot of it is very very beautiful. But there were also areas that were run down, dirty and not so pleasant. We spent a lot of time in the car, doing road trips all day and driving.. chasing beautiful mountains and flower fields, so we didn’t have to deal with the (dirtier) main towns.

Whizzing along on the way to Avignon, in the South of France

Walking up the main street of Avignon – considered a main town,
but we could walk from one end to the other in 30 mins πŸ˜›

A little bakery we poked our noses into

The bustling main area. SO many tourists! To be honest, it felt more
like Disneyland than a sleepy little French town…..

We did love wandering around all the shops in the nooks and corners though!

Everywhere we turned, there was another lil area to discover

Beautiful blue skies

We were recommended a little cafe called Basilic Citron (4 Place Principale, 84000 Avignon, France), tucked away in another alleyway and with a huge outdoor dining area. They’re famous for, what else?, the seafood. To be frank, seafood always featured on the menu in all the restaurants in the South of France, and they do it VERY well. We ate fish for almost every single meal πŸ˜‰

Basilic Citron

Kicking off with some stuffed green olives

French baguette, ice cold water and beer… bliss on a hot summer’s day

Filet de roscasse vapeur wok de courgettes et aubergines au pistou
This fish absolutely melted! So healthy, yet tasted amazing

(I forgot the actual name) Red snapper with ratatouille
This was sublime. Beautiful flavours and, again, really healthy

Fromage blanc frais au lait de montagne, marmelade de fruits rouges
More restaurants worldwide need to have this dish!

I asked for an “iced coffee”. They gave me an expresso with a cup of ice on the side.
Iced coffee FAIL πŸ˜‰

Relaxing in the warmth of the sun

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