Friends, Uncategorized, Wedding WEDDING: the hens party 27 December 2009

Chris and I decided to have a combined get-together with our friends, the day before the wedding. Many of our friends were leaving straight after the wedding, and we knew that on the wedding day, we’d have little time to really talk to them, so we wanted to get everyone together for a nice meal… and to thank the overseas folk for flying in.

Our brunch gathering with fabulous friends

Chris makes a lil speech, whilst I look at him adoringly, haha

A wedding gift πŸ™‚

Me with the girls!

Looking a bit melancholy.. hrmm

Wonderful girl friends!

A nice pic of all of us, being more normal

Funny pic of us – all looking completely random

The boys

Then the boys and girls split up and us girls headed off for a pampering session. First on the table was manicures and pedicures, arranged by my wonderful cousin. I really liked the nail salmon. It was luxe and gave us girls a chance to sit down on soft chairs, chat and get ourselves prettified for the wedding. Perfect πŸ™‚

The nail salon

Getting our feet soaked for the pedicures

A great way to chill out just before the wedding


Fabulous nails

Paired with pretty feet!

After our beauty session, it was time for… errrr… more eating. This time, it was High Tea @ Goodwood Park – yes, the same hotel that we held our wedding dinner banquet the next night. Figured it was highly rated for high tea, and also gave the girls a chance to check out the place before the actual event.

Sadly, whilst everyone else pigged out on high tea, I was not allowed to. My dress designer had a heart attack when I told her about my intention to indulge in high tea less than 24 hours before the wedding.. and made me promise not to eat. See the problem was, both my bridal dresses were SKIN TIGHT, as they were made to my EXACT measurements. They hugged every curve and were most unforgiving to every bulge on me. Thus, she was afraid I wouldn’t be able to fit into my dress on the day itself – it was really that tight. The things I do just for my wedding day… *mutters*…

So, I had to have a “no carb” meal, and ended up with chicken satay. Really, I was meant to have a healthy salad, but there’s NO WAY I’d torture myself like THAT. So I figured satay was a good compromise – no carbs. OK, granted, it does have lots of oil and also sugar (in the peanut sauce) but nevermind!! I did sneak food off my friends’ plates though, I couldn’t resist the gorgeous high tea πŸ˜› When we’re back in Singapore again I am going straight back there and GORGING MYSELF SENSELESS!!!!

The outdoor patio overlooking the main pool at Goodwood Park Hotel

All of us!

Surrounded by sugary treats, it was love at first sight


Dainty tea sets

Chicken satay – it was really good

A plate of goodness

*faints with pleasure*

Me with my 2 dear cousins

We like to stand randomly in the garden

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