Living in... Singapore, Uncategorized ROCKING OUT TO NINE INCH NAILS 10 September 2009

One of the first married couple activities we did together was….. the Nine Inch Nails farewell concert! The band is retiring and hence were doing a farewell tour in various countries, Singapore being one of them. So 2 days after we got married, we headed off for the concert.

It was a LOT more fun than I’d expected. Held at Fort Canning, it was on green grass in a wide open space, and the weather was cool and breezy. The stage was massive and the lighting and effects excellent. The band was great too and the music was awesome!!! About 1,000 people rocked up, which was less than I’d expected.. and also meant it wasn’t mad crowded and sweaty, and bathrooms were easily available (and, surprise, clean!). Only downside was that the beers and all other drinks/snacks were sky-high. I really HATE how events think it’s ok to charge 3-5x the regular price for food/drinks – flat out daylight robbery. We smuggled in 2 bottles of water though, so I felt justified πŸ˜‰

I didn’t bring my BlackBerry or camera, because Chris said they practically strip-search you at concerts like this. However, security was actually superlax and EVERYONE had cameras and phones with them! Arghh!! I would’ve loved to take a video of the concert, or bootleg it entirely and resell. Just kidding πŸ˜‰

Nine Inch Nails farewell concert. Booyah!

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