Hangzhou, HOLIDAYS, Uncategorized, Valentines Day HANGZHOU – THE SHOPPING 20 February 2009

We did a total power-shop through Hefang Street Market, a famous shopping market in Hangzhou. We had way way way too little time there, which was such a shame because it was incredibly fun! Loads of little shop houses as well as market stalls out on the street, selling all sorts of food, souvenirs, handmade goodies, etc. It had pretty unique goods, and I would have loved to poke around in all the shops for hours and hours, but we basically had to rush straight through because we didn’t have much time πŸ™ Absolutely loved it though, and probably a good thing we didn’t spend long there or I’d have tried to buy everything πŸ˜‰

Hefang Street Market – a shopping paradise

Making little glass characters

Making peanut candy

We bought some – yum!

Weapons, anyone?

We also dropped by the History Museum which was on West Lake. Featuring relics from the past, it was pretty amazing to see what people got up to in China thousands of years ago. I loved all the jewellery that they made out of jade, gemstones and ivory. Also amazing was all the copperwork ornaments and eating/drinking vessels. I don’t know much (OK, I know nothing) about China’s history, so it was really interesting to get a small snapshot. Now I’m really keen to go to the big Shanghai Museum to check it all out…

The History Museum

Kinda looks like a hotel lobby, no?

Looking down at the ground floor (there were 3 levels in total)

Painting on wood

An ancient big copper bowl thing

Artworks from many moons ago

The way they resolved disputes in olden times πŸ˜‰

A really cute ‘lil copper dragon!

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