FOOD, Food reviews, Uncategorized LA RENAISSANCE CAFE PATISSERIE 12 November 2006

La Renaissance Café Patisserie
47 Argyle St
The Rocks, NSW 2000

A renowned French cafe by Sydney-siders, I especially love La Renaissance Café Patisserie because my colleague’s father is the chef there 😀 Too cool! It means that I get random pastries/pies/sausage rolls that she brings into work.. but it still leaves me craving to go to the Cafe, because it’s all freshly baked there. Chris has also been jumping up and down for the past few weeks, eager to go back to the Cafe, so we popped in for tea time after I was done with shopping @ Paddington with my friend.

The beef, leek and mushroom pie was delightful. Fat chunks of steak that just melted in your mouth, and a rich creamy tomato sauce. I love their pies because they’re the furthest things from the normal pies I have – these are more like proper rich stews in a really buttery and full-flavoured pastry. Completely different. Also had their winning sausage roll, which is made from freshly minced meat and herbs encased snugly in their famous pastry. Mind-bogglingly delicious!

Dessert was a simple chocolate eclair. I normally don’t like these things – they taste a little too synthetic and blah to me. But the lady recommended it so of course I had to try it out 😛 Was great! The pastry wasn’t soggy at all, but fluffy and mild. It brought out the creamy sweetness of the chocolate cream – which didn’t have that synthetic yuck taste, thank goodness. We’ll be back, over and over again!

Beef, leek and mushroom pie ($7)

Sausage Roll ($3.50)

Chocolate Eclair ($4.50)

Sat at the park overlooking the Opera House whilst eating

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