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Iku Wholefood
Entrance to Wynyard Ramp
273 George St, NSW 2000

I picked up the freebie 9 to 5 magazine at the train station earlier in the week, and saw the feature “The Best Laksa”. Couldn’t believe my eyes when they said that Iku Wholefood had the best. I mean, they are macrobiotic/vegan/gluten-free/etc… and laksa’s meant to be terribly unhealthy right? How does THAT work?!

So I decided to check it out myself. For $8.50, I got a small wee bowl of Spicy vegetable, tofu and lime leaf laksa. I am shocked, amazed and gobsmacked to announce that YES! I agree! The laksa is FANTASTIC!!! First off, don’t expect a true-blue super thick creamy laksa that you’re used to. I would say a better description would be ‘Spicy vegetable soup’ – the curry soup wasn’t very thick but had the most delicious flavour and just the right amount of mild spice. It was THICK with tons and tons of vegetables, all super soft and stew-like.. carrots, onion, celery, tofu, you name it. There was only a tiny little dollop of vermicilli noodles, a low-carb meal I guess? It all tasted so so so so SO GOOD though – chock full of flavour and just so stuffed with ingredients.

I polished off the whole bowl and didn’t feel guilty or ill at all. At $8.50 though, it’s ridiculous considering the portion is so small. But then again, you get a super tasty meal that satisfies the laksa craving… and you get to feel all smug that you ate macrobiotic/whatever. Brilliant! I’ll definitely be back.

Iku Wholefood spicy vegetable, tofu and lime leaf laksa

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