Work ALL LIT UP 4 February 2016


After work drinks with this kind of view truly makes my evening.

And bonus points for the location, since it’s just a ten minute walk from my place! It was my first time at Southbridge and it’s now replaced Boomarang and Super Loco as my top place to bring friends and/or overseas visitors.

Rooftop al fresco ambience, a gorgeous view of the financial district (as evidenced above in my unedited iPhone pic), and really lovely service.

Kickass cocktails – I loved all the ones that I was recommended – and stellar food like plump natural oysters, grilled scallops, wagyu sliders, etc..



And since I’m on the topic of work (well, sort of…), here’s a screenshot of a slide that I thought was awesome – so spot on, so thought provoking, and so powerful. Love it.





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