Living in... Singapore STOPPING TO BREATHE… 11 April 2015



Things have been kind of frenetic in my neck of the woods.

Just a lot of little things that are adding up and making feel a little overwhelmed… A bunch of deadlines that I’m rushing to meet, trying to exercise (almost) daily – YES Chris and I are both doing this for ages now and feeling rather fab about it!, drama episodes like being medivac’d out on a stretcher (story for another day, or probably never cos I’m still rather embarrassed about this), doing heaps of stuff with the kids and pulling them out of school so many times recently (worth it, they’re only young once and I want to spend as much time as possible with them!), some career stuff, etc, etc, etc.

We’ve also managed to sneak out and do quite a few adult-only dinner dates with various groups of friends. I’m grateful for that breath of fresh air, and being able to talk loudly and drink without having the kids around.


That photo that I took one night whilst having a double date. I think this view of Singapore is nothing short of gorgeous, and I’m glad we live in such a safe and beautiful city where we know our kids are safe at home, and we can wander around late at night without fear. Residents in this country are blessed indeed.



And, no matter how busy we get, it’s just so nice to watch children just BE. Laugh at the little things that make them giggle, and seeing the world through their eyes.

Here are my two monkeys, visiting Chris in his office, entertaining the ladies there with their antics 🙂

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