Carter, HUNTER, CARTER & CHLOE, Things my kids say... LIFE’S LITTLE QUOTES: Carter, 2 years 5 months old 29 January 2015


Carter comes out of his room after his nap, dragging Baby Rah Rah and Big Rah Rah behind him.

Me: “Awwww. Is Rah Rah your best friend?”

Carter: “No.” *stares at me* “He’s just a toy, Mummy. A CUDDLE TOY. Not real.”




Carter rolls around on the couch, just being his fat, cute self. I smother his face with kisses, then turn my attention to his little underwear-clad bum.

Me: “Can I kiss your bum?”

Carter: “No. It’s DIRTY. Eww!”

Me: “But… your bum is sooooo cute and squishy!”

*scurries off to the big mirror, pulls his underwear down and looks at his bum in the mirror*

Carter: “Oh!” *rubs bum* “My bum is very smooth. And soft. Hee hee.”

Me: “So can I kiss it?”

Carter: “…. no.”


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