I used to wear a lot of pink when I was younger. A lot. Somewhere along the line, I lost interest in it, deeming it way too girly and ‘silly’ for a middle-aged woman (like myself, *ahem*) to wear.

But I couldn’t resist this Emilio Pucci silk skirt, in shades of cream, pink and purple!

It was sooooooo tiny when I picked it up that I’d initially thought it was a little scarf, or even a hanky. I almost wrote it off when I discovered that it was a skirt, thinking it’d look totally indecent on me. But, as it turns out, it magically expands once it’s on and actually looks okay! Not that indecent or skimpy 😛

So this is the full outfit (below) that I wore to church. Chris was a bit disapproving, saying it’s a “bit too short for church”, but I think it’s alright??



And hot on the pink parade are these pair of Bensimon shoes, a French brand that features soles SO SOFT that when you hold the shoe vertically, it flops over! It’s like wearing a sock, and is crazy comfy. These are kind of a bright pink/red, super cheery 🙂


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starbucksweetie says:

Cute. Miss your fashion posts.

Beverly! says:

Thanks hon 🙂