Birthdays, Family UNCLE RAYMOND’S BIRTHDAY 15 June 2013

It was my Uncle Raymond’s big 60th birthday this week! My cousins planned a lovely dinner for him and invited various family members and close friends. The dinner commenced at 7PM which is actually an unGodly hour for us to be out… consider that’s our kids’ bedtime!! But, we hatched a plan and off we went…

The grand masterplan we had was to nap Hunter super late, at 4-6PM. He was soooo zonked by the time we allowed him to nap! But he handled it like a boss, and woke up cheery and happy. He was very well-behaved and cheery through the whole dinner, though he was starting to go a little laughing-hysterical near the end. We were actually quite surprised and relieved that he could handle such a late night… as he ended up sleeping at 11PM – gak!!

Carter we actually figured would be just fine with the super-late night. After all, he’s only a baby and we expected he’ll take an extra nap in the evening, and then be OK.


He was pretty good through the whole evening, and even in the car ride home. The problem was once we stepped through the door. When he saw his home, he went mental. It’s like he knew it was waaaay past his bedtime, but his sanity was held intact because he was distracted by the dinner party. But once he got home, it was like something clicked in his head and he was like “I’M HOME AND I’M SOOOO UPSET IT’S PAST MY BEDTIME AND I JUST DUNNO WHAT TO DO WITH MYSELF ANYMORE ARGHHHH!!!!”

He had the most epic meltdown I have ever seen. Through his bath time, and so much so that he couldn’t even take my boob because he was too hysterical and out of his mind. No amount of calming or doing anything would distract him. In the end, Chris turned on YouTube and put an Elmo song on, and that got his attention. After he calmed down a bit, he did a boob feed greedily and knocked out cold.

But it was just terrible trying to get him to calm down, he was flailing everywhere and ranting and screaming like he was possessed. I reckon Hunter is old enough to understand that he’s at a party and so will be sleeping late, and can hold his sanity together. But Carter is just too young, and too regimented with his schedule (yes, we are baby-schedule nazis, I will admit. But our reward is that we get really freakin’ awesome babies that can sleep well! So it’s worth it!).

For this reason, we will reaaaalllllyyyyyy reconsider attending a night-party with the kids again. Maybe for a direct family member’s wedding or something, but definitely not for a random night out!

Man…. I really went on a crazy storytime up above.



Striking a pose together! (On me: Ralph Lauren dress, Alannah Hill belt, Dior shoes. On Hunter: Elly shirt, Uniqlo pants, Camper shoes)


So gross to be crawling around on the floor, but oh well, it kept them occupied!


My darling baby wombat. Always beaming and happy! I want to squish him and then eat him.


Hunter and cousin Elliot wrecked havoc running around the place. Fortunately we were in a private ballroom!


Hunter ate fairly decently. He ate FOUR of those Chinese birthday buns!


Youngest kid there but leading the others up onto the stage to do silly stuff…


Cute cake!! My aunt and uncle with…. their 2 grandsons Elliot and Gerald. No sign of their 2 daughters there though. LOL!


Big family shot 🙂 Mervyn managed to escape GRUB cafe to attend the dinner!


Our family 🙂


I actually like this pic even more because it’s candid and so… random!


Our gift! DIY wrapped up by yours truly 😀



  • Candice posted on June 17, 2013 at 1:12 pm

    lol, the daughters have clearly been relegated!

    • Beverly! posted on June 18, 2013 at 10:56 pm

      Same as me!


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