Hunter, Things my kids say... KIDS, YOU CAN COUNT ON THEM FOR THE TRUTH 28 July 2012

Hunter: BIG!

Me: What’s big, honey?

Hunter: Mama.



I love having little conversations with my son. However, I also need to have pretty thick skin, especially whenever he drops his honest nuggets of wisdom upon me, as he did above 😉

All part of growing up!

He’s also now in training underwear. These babies are pretty cool.. basically just like regular underpants, but with a double-layer of cotton in the crotch area for accidents. Hunter has been poo-trained for months now, but pee-training is still hit and miss because he’s actually too young for it IMHO even though I know he wishes he could. Getting a diaper on him whilst he’s at home in the morning is a bit of a nightmare, so I decided to try out these training pants. They work a CHARM!! He’s so delighted with his “big boy pants”. They also enable him to feel wet when he has an accident in them (as opposed to proper diapers that absorb so well, a child can’t tell that they’ve peed, and that’s an important sensation to feel when potty training).


My lil monkeybutt

Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

When my nephew was 3 he asked me why my belly was big (I wasn’t pregnant !), I told him it was because I ate too much. He responded by saying “I ate lots but I don’t have a big belly”. Couldn’t stop laughing, got to love the honesty.